Winter Coat Sew-Along: Inspiration, Pattern & Fabric


It turns out choosing a coat for a warmer climate is much easier than I thought. You are not limited to full coverage styles, but can really become creative with collars, sleeves, or fabrics. All I needed to do is match the fabric I have to the pattern I like. And here is the result.

Making a coat requires a lot of self-discipline and patience, and this is not the simplest style. It has welt pockets, collar, set-in sleeves, (handworked) buttonholes... in one word, enough UFO potential.

#111 Burdastyle magazine 08/2010
In fact, it is an UFO. Three (?) years ago, I made a muslin at the Kenneth D. King's Fit Clinic in Queens, NY. Surprisingly, the fit was mostly spot on. I took the muslin apart and prepared it to cut into my tweed fabric, but what happened after is a mystery to me. I honestly don't remember why I didn't make this coat.

Now, the plan is to finish it until the end of November. And, in case you are wondering who is hosting the Sew-Along, it is the German Me-Made-Mittwoch community. There is no detailed guidance, one bi-weekly post on the progress and four tutorials, which may or may not suit your chosen style. However, I was quite happy to jump on the bandwagon since I don't have a single coat for this season. Luckily, it doesn't really get cold in Cyprus until December.

What about you, readers? Are you planning to make a coat? 

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  1. Your new blog is gorgeous!

    Noop, no coat for me this season. I've had enough of coat-sewing for a couple of years. :)

    1. thanks :) using a template and still figuring out some things :)

  2. Yes, coat making in store! I found a gorgeous cherry-red wool boucle on eBay, now I'm franked-patterning several Burdas together - I want a very fitted, '60s shape, with oversized collar and lapel.

    1. oh, the color must be gorgeous! would love to follow your progress.

  3. Hi there Marina,

    Yes, I am hoping to dive in and make a stumbling block is the 4 metres of beautiful cashmere/mohair/wool fabric that has been in my stash since 2013. I have read differing reports on how to "press" this fabric. My first test sample of pressing has changed the colour and feel of the nap. Different books give differing advice..........Will I fall at the first hurdle?? Researching still; dry iron, steam iron.............wool pressing cloth, silk organza...........velva board. My progress is going to be s l o w !!

  4. Maybe it will be easier to start with an easier-to-handle fabric? you must have so-called 'face cloth'. I still avoid those for complex projects that require a lot of steaming and shrinking :( Woolens are the easiest to shape and press - maybe that is something to consider? In any case I wish you lots of patience and am sure you will make a beautiful coat - I'll be following your progress :) By the way, the book by Thomas von Nordheim is a great resource for tailoring...

  5. I am so excited to see this come to life! What a wonderful style!

  6. I have one on the table right now. The fashion fabric is cut, some of the lining is cut, and I'm waiting on the hair canvas and Thinsulate to arrive in the mail.


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