Craftsy's 50% Off Sale: Top Four Classes for Couture Enthusiasts


Craftsy is finally having a sale with newer classes at exactly 50%, not less, off. There is lot of repetition on Craftsy - more or less same topics are covered by different instructors - that's why my list contains only four recommendations for couture enthusiasts. The sale started today, January 16th, and will end on January 18th. So, hurry and enroll thoughtfully! 

Classes with Alison Smith never disappoint. She is a gifted teacher and covers in her classes 'modern' as well as custom dressmaking and tailoring techniques, which, in many cases, are the same techniques you will find in couture garments.

Essential Guide to Tailoring Construction (50% off)
with Alison Smith

The only objection to this class is the misleading title: it is by no means an 'essential guide'. In this specific class, she guides the learners through seven specific processes: sleeve insertion and padding, mandarin; Peter Pan and shawl collars; notched collars; old-school melton undercollars; curved jetted pockets; welt pockets on trousers, and, finally, trouser waistbands. Great techniques, worth purchasing on sale!

For constructing a jacket body, I recommend her older class, EssentialGuide to Tailoring: Structure & Shape (now at 38% off), where she focuses on traditional and modern techniques of creating canvasses construction for jackets.

This seven-lesson class is another compilation of different excellent techniques, rather than an 'essential guide'. However, again, it is really worth the money, especially if you are buying it on sale. Alison Smith explains various types of lace and how to prepare it for cutting and sewing. She also looks at shaping and layering lace for various styles, which includes choosing proper seams. Then, she shows how to insert zippers in lace garments and add lace borders to hem and neckline. Attaching appliqués and insets is explained in her final lesson.

This is not a project-based class, so if you work on a lace garments you will probably need to post additional questions on the class board, or look up a technique or two in the Claire Shaeffer’s and Susan Khalje’s excellent couture sewing books.
More lace techniques are explained in Alison Smith’s Sewing Lingerie: Essential Techniques (now at 30% off). This class uses Vogue 8888 pattern for a robe, slip, camisole and panties, and the class guides through the essential steps for creating this garments, as well as has a great intro on materials needed for creating these pieces. I found that this class is hardly a couture lingerie class, but a profound guide for constructing high end underwear.   

I believe that knowing how to draw garment flats is an essential skill for any sewer who strives for more creativity. I use technical drawing in creating wardrobe plans / wish lists, for making reference sketches if I change something in a pattern, or just planning something completely new. I will not bore you with the details of the class – it is all available on Craftsy website. The only thing I would like to add is that the class covers drawing by hand rather than creating technical drawing in computer programs such as Adobe Illustrator. As for the instructor, Laura Volpinista has an impressive background having worked for a number of well-known brands and teaching at Parson’s for over a decade.

Finally, this list would not be complete for me without a great embroidery class to take.

Lucy Barter is an instructor certified by the Royal School of Needlework, the hand embroidery institution that made floral lace appliqué motifs on Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. This is a project-based class, and techniques are taught while making an embroidered floral motif shown on the image. Proper materials and great attention to detail are very important to achieve a good result. I am planning to start the class in February and will report to you as I progress. I don't have an ambition for creating goldwork masterpieces to hang on the wall, but making small embroidery details on my clothing is something I would really like to learn. For additional motivation, I compiled some inspiration images on my Pinterest board – check it out if you are interested in embroidery.

Please share classes you really liked on Craftsy recently and happy learning!

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